Three.js Realistic Shadows: A Practical Guide

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In this tutorial, we want to create more realistic scenes by making the shadow effect. There are many parameters in creating a shadow of an object. One of them is the material. For instance, if you use the Mesh-basic material, you will see no shadow effects. The next important parameter is the light source. Different light sources create various types of shadows. Some of them do not generate any shadow effect on the object. Our blog has covered a complete article about the light sources in Three.js. Another element that can provide the shadow effect is the background scene. There is also another article about background scenes on our blog. Once you use the background for your scene, depending on the quality of the HDR image, the light source (for instance, the sun) will act as a light source like the point light or the rect-area light. Furthermore, we can use the shadow properties of the point light. This tutorial will test these properties and see their effects on a sphere object.


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