Specular Map Three JS: A Fantastic Tutorial

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The specular map is a texture image that affects the specular surface highlight on MeshLambertMaterial and MeshPhongMaterial materials. Using the specular map, you will be able to set the shininess of a surface by giving the a grayscale value from white to black or from 0 to 255. The white points will reflect the light more and the dark points will reflect the light less. In this tutorial, we will create a sphere geometry and map the texture of the globe on then. Next, we will use the grayscale specular map of the globe to determine the shininess on the surface of the globe. In this tutorial, we will also create the a GUI to set different parameters like the shininess, the intensity of the light, the color of the light source, the material and so on. If you would like to enhance your design portfolio in Three JS, follow along with this tutorial.


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