How to Use Multiple Cameras in Three JS

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In this tutorial, we will cover one of the less available projects in Three.js on the internet. And that is creating multi-camera scenes. Up to now, nearly all the projects in Three.js that we have seen have the object and scene using only one camera and the viewer was only able to see a certain animation from one view port. But, now using the method we will use in this article, we will be able to cover two or more aspects of the scene. This is wonderful! Because there are some games or animations that need more than view of the scene, and if we can see how to create multiple cameras, we can bring this wonderful feature in our projects and make it more fascinating. The scene we are going to see, is very simple. We will animate a rotating cube and our main camera will cover the moving sides of the cube and the other one will cover the top view of the rotating cube. The top camera will be shown on the top right corner of the browser page, while the main camera will cover the whole page.


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