How to Rotate Camera in Three JS

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This tutorial focuses on a simple but useful animation you can create in your scene by rotating the camera. At first glance, you might think there is no need to rotate the camera as long as we can rotate the object. But in fact, the main reason we need to rotate the camera is that sometimes we need to rotate both the object and the camera, for instance, when you want to simulate the solar system from the Mars point of view. In this situation, you need to keep Mars rotating around the sun; as a result, the camera must be placed in the position of Mars. Moreover, the camera’s rotation can be used for more complex and beautiful animations. In this tutorial, we want to use the scene we created in the last article about the point cloud of a torus knot with the difference that here we also make the camera rotate around a certain point. After you see the result and compare it with the simple animation we had in our previous article, you will understand what difference will using a rotating camera make in your animation.


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