Bump Map vs Normal Map in Three JS

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In many 3D designing platforms, especially in WebGL and the Three.js, we have the concept of bump map, normal map and the displacement map. You have probably heard or read about these three kind of mappings, if you have ever searched about the textures and how to create them. The main reason we use these mappings, is to create either the illusion or the effect of the bumps and dumps on the surface of a texture. Definitely, using the said mappings will make a huge difference in your design and that is why we have decided to talk about these concepts in our article. When we talk about these three mappings, we do not mean the texture itself. Because even if you have a photo of a certain kind of texture or any surface that you might have captured using your camera, you can still map it on top of an object. But if you want to have a natural texture, with all the ups and downs, you definitely need one or a group of the three main mappings. In this article, we want to get familiar with all these mappings and use them in three.js scripts.


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