An Insightful Guide to WordPress Plugin Development

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W3Techs estimates that WordPress will power 39.1% of all websites by 2020. This is because WordPress has so many built-in functionalities and is highly customizable through plugins. Plugins are an integral component of the WordPress platform, allowing you to easily extend functionality that goes beyond the core without having to modify it. Developers can list their plugins on the web for others to use, but these plugins may not meet your specific needs. The official WordPress plugin directory contains almost sixty thousand plugins, so you should check if one matches your requirements before you start designing one.

You might want to consider creating a custom WordPress plugin if you don’t find one that fits your needs. WordPress is powered by scripting and query languages like PHP and SQL in the background. You need expertise in these technologies and deployment experience to create a WordPress plugin. This article will guide you on how to develop a WordPress plugin.


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