A Quick Guide to Tron Network Interaction Using Python.

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In our Previous article about sending TRC-20 Usdt we explained a little about the Tron network itself, why it is essential and how to send TRC-20 Usdt on Tron network. To make this happen, we first created an Account on shasta testnet. Then we asked for some testnet usdt from the Tron testnet faucet on Tron Discord. Finally transferred our Usdt using the Tronweb JavaScript library. In this tutorial, we will create an account on nile testnet (you can do the same for shasta testnet). Ask for some nile test Tron tokens from the very same faucet we got our shasta Usdt test tokens and then transfer them to another account. Notice that you can do the same on the mainnet, with the difference that there is no faucet and you need to buy the real TRX tokens from an exchange or wallet.


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